Dear Blossom Studios

Cultivating natural beauty in the Flower City

Formed out of friendship, creative collaboration, and a mutual love of nature and the Flower City, Dear Blossom Studios is the proverbial community garden tended by photographer and writer Emma Rizzo and performer and blogger Sammi Cohen. Their shared affinity for the written word and dedication to getting the perfect shot inspired the duo to realize their dream of opening their Rochester-based photography and content creation space in August of 2019.

dear blossom studios portrait photography rochester ny

Although many of Emma and Sammi’s favorite shoots have been seasonal in nature, Upstate New York doesn’t always provide the picture perfect backdrop throughout the entire year. This carefully curated indoor studio serves as a way to bring the outside in and ensure clients are always surrounded by beauty, while the team’s philosophy focuses on providing the encouragement that subjects need to truly blossom in front of the camera.

Above all else, we’re here to support you and allow you to express the truest version of yourself in your portraits.

We believe that everybody (and every body) will bloom in the right environment.

So, dear, blossom with us.